Wash Care


We want you to be able to keep your blankets looking beautiful for decades to come. With some simple care, you will be able to keep your investment looking and feeling as soft and luxurious as when you first received it. In fact, cashmere and wool products will become softer after washing over time. Because we believe that cashmere and wool loves to be washed we recommend hand washing. Follow these simple guidelines to keep your blankets looking beautiful

•Place blankets in lukewarm water using a delicate detergent. You can purchase detergents specifically for cashmere but a general delicate detergent is fine. Please do not use Biological detergents as these can damage cashmere and wool fibres.  Gently squeeze the blanket but do not over agitate.

•Rinse the blanket until the water runs clear. Again, avoid over agitating the blanket as this can cause the blanket to felt.

•Remove any excess water by gently squeezing. If you have a gentle spin on your washing machine, place the blanket in a pillowcase or duvet cover (depending on the size) and give it a gentle spin in the machine.

•Dry on a clean flat surface and reshape the blanket while it is damp.

If you would rather let the professionals handle it then you can have it dry cleaned with reputable cleaners.  Alternatively, you can send it back to Studio Roam to be washed and finished.