About Us

We are Sonia Ambrosano and Lachlan Munro, textile and knitwear designers, based in the heart of the Scottish Borders (just south of Edinburgh), but working with clients throughout Europe and beyond.

In early 2007, we embarked upon Studio Roam, a personal project that would allow us to design and knit the pieces we have always dreamed about.

Every day, studio ROAM meet, work and share knit knowledge at our studio situated in Galashiels, which has a long and distinguished textile and knitwear heritage. It is here that we dream, craft and create the softest most luxurious knitted products. It also happens to be surrounded by some rather beautiful countryside, full of rolling hills and winding rivers, which inspires us every day.

We are determined to respect this nature and history and look to use only the finest natural and sustainable materials we can.

We are using these wonderful materials to create unique and limited edition decorative knitted products for house-baby-fashion.

Our products are of eclectic spirit, tracing our passions for pattern, textiles, travel and early morning places when the birds are waking.

Our vision is simple: to create warm, soulful products that express our collective imagination, inspiring and evoking wonderful thoughts of travel and distant places.

We use only the finest qualities of cashmere and wool for production, creating blankets of sumptuous touch and drape.

Each and every design has a strong identity and character and as such is treated as an individual, made to order and lovingly dispatched to every new home.

Each and every item is designed by us and all our knitted products are produced to order.

We are proud to make sure each and every item receives the care and attention necessary to create a product of quality that is second to none.

If you have and queries regarding our blankets or bespoke design service, please do contact ROAM by emailing us at the following address:  info@studioroam.co.uk